Semalt Expert: High-Quality Content Matters!

Have you ever walked into a motel, and you had to leave because it looked like it was going to collapse any second? That's how influential the quality of your content can be on your visitors. That was because you felt the quality wasn’t good enough for you as a tenant or because you knew another motel that was better. This is the same way quality affects websites. 

“Quality matters” that it's one of the main pillars here at Semalt. We believe that to be the best; you need to have the best. This is why our website stands out among others, our team is the best, and we provide the best experiences. This is one of the reasons why you read our website. You can take a tour around our site and we assure you that every content you come across is going to wow you. 

Now, that’s what we offer your website. When we’re done, you’ll go through your website with complete amazement and all the clicks that were going to your competition, automatically start being yours. All thanks to quality contents.

Our high-quality taste also cuts across not only making our website this amazing; it also involves making your website just as good and, if possible, even better. This is why we emphasize you get us to do your websites heavy lifting.

Today, many marketers and website developers are aware that SEO and Content marketing is, indeed interconnected. When you understand this, you start to see important areas where your website can take an entirely new path to become the very best.

Frankly put, it is impossible to have effective SEO optimization without quality web content. To get ranked, you need your SEO to put you on the first pages of search engines; then, you need high-quality content to get your readers to go through your website or stay longer. All these are essential factors search engines like Google consider when ranking a website.  

When dealing with SEO, content is KING! 

In March 2016, Google went on record saying, "the most important search ranking factors are quality content, backlink profile and machine learning." This shows you just how much you need to have Semalt work on your website. No doubt you have done a lot, and your opinions and intentions will still be fulfilled, but to get this right and get ranked in the top 10, you need us. And we need you.

What is quality content? 

In defining this, we will look at what Google considers quality content. After all, they are the leading search engine today, so we want to be on their right side. Google has published a content quality guideline with its most recent update on 4th March 2017. This explains what web content writers, web developers, and website owners should pay attention to when trying to develop high-quality content.  

The fun fact is Google modifies its search engine algorithm hundreds of times a year, but it still uses human search quality raters when evaluating a page.

Are you thinking of going through the Google quality content guidelines? Well, that wouldn't be necessary. Firstly this is because it is full of things that'll bore you, and it's not worth the hassle if you'll use this knowledge only on one website. Secondly, you have us. Semalt has spent its entire existence combing through these guidelines and incorporating it in the way we work. By hiring us, you save yourself this task, and you can focus your energy on other crucial areas of developing your business.

Defining quality content can be a slippery slope. Some classify it as the ability of your content to achieve its purpose, and others term your content as top quality when it helps your readers. This is the clues Google has used in classifying quality content.

In classifying content as top quality, Google says it needs to be clear who the website is intended to help and who created the content. Take this article as a guide. From the first paragraph, it was clear that this content was intended for website owners who need to know how to improve their ranking through quality content. Also, you know that this website is owned by Semalt.  

These two factors are sufficient to indicate good content from a bad one.

For your content to be of high quality, it must be able to communicate with your reader. That's the primary purpose of having them on your website. You want your readers to get the information or the services you said they would get on each page. This way, your readers are satisfied with your content. In the end, for any content to be termed as top quality, the readers must see it as top quality. 

Does your page help your readers solve their problems or answer their questions? If it can do this, it's on the right path to being classified as top quality.

You may be exceedingly happy about getting quality on your website. However, you need to know that there are different kinds of web pages. As a result, what makes each of these websites top quality differs. This is another reason why its better to get Semalt to do this for you. Sometimes it's a matter of your money or your page. With the affordable packages provided by Semalt, it is the best way to eat your cake but still have it.

Here are some of the benefits of having quality content

Quality content generates high CTR.

Are you wondering what CTR stands for? We have an article dedicated to explaining what this means right here. However, there's a brief explanation; we wouldn't break this learning chain. CTR stands for Click-Through Rates. This refers to the number of people who click on your link after seeing ads, snippets, or landing pages.

Your CTR is one of the critical components search engines use to determine your quality score. Your CTR and SEO use also determines your website's ranking.

This means that good CTR means more clicks to your website (traffic), which is the primary objective of every website. More clicks then improve your ranking on search engines.

This wouldn't be possible if your content is poorly constructed. This affects your use of SEO, the ability of web crawlers to move through your site, and, finally, your ability to communicate with your readers.

Quality contents help you generate backlinks

To read extensively on the benefits of backlinks, click here. One of the best SEO strategies is to have as many high-quality backlinks as you can. Backlinks refer to the link between one website and another. These are used by most websites to redirect its readers to another website, usually where the information was gotten. Think of it as a form of internet references.

Having quality backlinks placed on high-quality websites is an excellent way to get more traffic to your website. For Google, a high-quality backlink on high authority websites is an indication of trust in your website. In high school, there were some of our classmates who copied answers to our assignments form. This was because we trusted their answers. The same way that other websites backlink your website because they trust the content you have to offer. 

This trust is crucial in getting Google to realize that your website is great. All thanks to quality content. 

Quality contents make it easier to incorporate keywords.

Using keywords can be difficult; when you begin to write or design, you realize that in order to use one keyword, an entire sentence is affected. But using quality content makes it easier to use keywords in a way that makes sense to your readers. This gives you a stronger footing when you go head to head with your competition.

Greater user experience   

Quality content means your users find your website more comfortable to use. Quality content means a good structure and more relevant content. All these are vital to making your website better as a whole. With quality contents, you wouldn't have to worry about grammar, your robots txt files or your meta-description. Readers would find your website more appealing and more comfortable to trust.   
Visitors won't need to read every single sentence if they don't want to because of properly labeled pages and subtitles on every page. This makes your website more accessible, which translates to dwell time and more traffic.  

Semalt understands that your visitors want to feel special, be treated the best way possible, and one way to ensure they feel like champs, is by providing them quality contents worthy of their time. 

Help them feel good and they will keep on coming back. 

Primarily, quality SEO and Quality contents work hand in hand. As professionals, Semalt understands that both elements are essential and dependent on one another. So if you want to improve your overall web ranking, you need to strengthen both parts together. If you can get Semalt to do this, your website is on its way to becoming the first on search pages.